GP.MDC Series

Electromagnetic Multi disc Clutches

In an Electromagnetic Multi Disc Clutch, the magnet body will be generally mounted onto the drive shaft and remains in continuous rotation so as to maintain the inertia of the masses and to avoid having to supply the current to a stopped collector during every start.
Electromagnetic multi disc clutches, generally utilized to convey a great degree high torque in negligible dimensional requirements. These clutches can be utilized either wet or dry, that's why being used in different gear box applications.
Electromagnetic Clutches are actually utilized for smooth starting of machines and are broadly, utilized as a part of machines apparatuses for their reduced size. These are famous for their capacity of uprooting wear & tear of starters & contact focuses and low beginning torque.

Technical Features:
Torque 5NM to 6000 NM
With wear resisting heat treated plates
Maintenance free and self adjusting
l Can be used in wet and dry applications
Supplied with and without slip ring
Series available in various sizes
Vertically mounted
Coil with class 'F' insulation
General Applications:
Machine tools (feed and speed drive)
Textile industry
Construction machines
Automatic devices and Other special purpose machinery

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